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The Story and the Movie
A breathtaking story

‘Nigeria 1914’, the amazing and breathtaking story of how Nigeria was extraordinarily formed into a country, is an officially government endorsed epic movie presently in pre-production for release in the year 2022. It is indeed a movie recommended for every Nigerian at home and abroad and all well-meaning good friends of Nigeria all around the world to see, by pre-ordering a download/streaming link from this website.
The aim is to produce a highly educational movie and an iconic asset of a national reference point that will not only certainly educate us but also entertain and inspire us, our children, present and future generations on the essence of patriotism, history and nationhood. Our children and us for the very first time in a movie will see and witness the extraordinary moment in times past when the very word NIGERIA was inspired and ever first spoken by Lady Flora Shaw.

Set in the lush and diverse Nigerian landscapes as backdrop to this large movie  ‘Nigeria 1914’ takes us to the mood in 1914, exposing the majesty of unknown aspects of the Nigerian story and way of life that will resonate and touch hearts and consciences all over the world
unforgettably. The story runs from the formation of the country to the golden era of her founding fathers.

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“The world will never respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world are looking
up to Nigeria to be a source of pride and confidence. Every Nigerian citizen should be made to
understand this truth.” – Nelson Mandela


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Meet The Cast

‘Nigeria 1914’ assembles the finest of actors and actresses from across  Africa and their counterparts from overseas, here meet some of them
Drawing inspiration from the great iconic speeches of Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi,
Rev. Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, the  character, played by the amazing Yemi Blaq, delivers a stunning speech in front of the colonial office to bravely challenge the authorities with
the hope that this moment and other moments in the movie will inspire us as a people and resonate with the rest of humanity  for the betterment of this world

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