We are Interfora Initiative. Producers and managers of the ‘Nigeria 1914’ project – a communications and multimedia consultancy and entertainment company with a forward thinking and innovatively creative team, providing services from envisioning of ideas and creative content to implementation, thereby assisting clients and others tell their stories or express their vision through informative multimedia and entertainment. 

With nearly two decade’s worth of combined experience gained from notable projects, collaborations and partnerships, Interfora Initiative, represented by Akin Laniyi berthed in Nigeria after over a decade’s worth of sojourn, experience and collaborations with diverse projects in the United Kingdom including projects with Sony, EMI and Supertrack amongst others. 

Having previously secured official endorsements and partnerships with the Nigerian Film Corporation and the Federal Ministry of Culture and
Tourism through the office of the honourable Minister (Nigeria) and the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), the
producers of ‘Nigeria 1914’ rescheduled the release of this once in a life time work for the year 2022, thus allowing time for more painstaking research in Nigeria and Great Britain and broaden consultations with other intellectual and creative minds to further deepen the project.

To harness the most of benefits and meet the challenges of the Nigerian terrain, the experience and versatile minds of Cletus Umoh and Chidi Nnabs were invited onboard for an all round creative team and spirit to realise the ‘Nigeria 1914’ project. Alex Budd (UK) will meet the challenge
of coordinating areas of the project in the UK as consultant. 

Other notable projects embarked upon by Interfora Initiative is producing the media content of the ‘Better Health’ for PATH (the Global
Health Organisation), the informative and investment package of CHOGM 2003, the ‘Abuja dream project’ under the auspices of the
Honourable Minister of the Capital Territory – funded by former Mtel and private sector sponsorships and the official content of the maiden Abuja carnival theme film – funded by the Federal Ministry of Culture and

Akin Laniyi 
 ‘Nigeria 1914’