What does pre-order mean?

Pre-order means, you can request for a product before it’s
release date as is common practice all over the world.

You may therefore request for the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie and
related souvenirs and gifts before the release dates in year
2022. Digital pre-orders come with benefits, it is cheaper,
you get more, it helps quantify demand and checks piracy,
Pre-orders assist our vision to make
certain a larger population of Nigerians and friends of Nigeria
all over the world are able to be entertained and better
informed by seeing the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie.

Who is producing the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie?

It is being produced by Interfora Initiative with the
assistance and collaborations of Nigerian Film Corporation,National Institude of Hospitality
and Tourism, Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the News Agency of Nigeria as media partner.

Do you offer refunds on pre-orders or purchases?

Yes. If you have made a pre-order before release date of
any of the products on this website, you are certainly
entitled to a refund. We opened a special email to deal with
request for refunds:
refunds@nigeria1914.com or info@nigeria1914
otherwise put a claim through to our customer service phone
number on this website.

When will the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie be released?

The movie is deliberately slated for release in the year 2022, It is a
large-scale production and as such, sets are presently being
built to authentically reflect the look and mood of over
hundred years ago Nigeria. Shooting will take several
months. Clips of some of the shots of the diverse landscapes
and those of locations taken so far to serve as backdrops will
be made available on website as updates.

What devices do you support?

Pre-orders will be made available on a broad range of
devices including android smartphone/tablets and
iPhone/iPads including Smart TVs.

How much does a pre-order cost?

Pre-order of the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movies cost
N1,000 in Nigeria,
£5 in UK and
$7 USA and all over the rest of the world.

How can I buy or recommend the pre-order to a family or friend?
Yes, you can. To recommend, pls follow this link and share/forward our home page URL to family and friends. Buy more pre-orders and send them to family and friends

Is there an age recommendation or who can see ‘Nigeria 1914’?
Anyone or member of the family who likes a great story and
want to be entertained learning a lesson or two from
yesterday can see the movie. There are also gifts and
souvenirs available for children from the website.

How can I support or share in or be part of the ‘Nigeria 1914’ vision?
You could in a number of ways. You could be a sponsor,
investor, advertiser, book a table at the movie premiere or
donor or partner. Kindly send us an email:
or call us on phone

+234 9137148590.

What method of payment is acceptable for pre-order?
Credit and Debit Cards payments. Bank transfers

Where can I learn more about ‘Nigeria 1914’?
Website: www.nigeria1914.com

-Will the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie be subtitled in other languages?
Yes it will be subtitled in multiple languages including Chinese Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish, French and others