Privacy Policy

As producers of the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie, we respect
your right to privacy and we
understand that visitors and subscribers to this site have to be in control of their personal
information. “Personal information”
includes, but is not limited to,
name, address, telephone number,
e-mail address and credit card
information. Interfora Initiative
does not sell, rent, or otherwise
disclose any of this information.

Certain applications on the internet site may require users to register or to
provide personal information in
order to make a commercial
transaction (e.g. pre order a movie), to enter a
promotion, or to subscribe to a
newsletter.  Note that no
financial information (e.g., credit
card numbers) are shared, and all
information is stored securely and in
encrypted form.
We provides a
number of free email-based
You will only
be sent periodically with special
offers, updated information and new updates regarding our projects.
Sent to those who sign-up
expressly through our website.
As a service to our customers,
related emails may be sent
in advance and highlighting key
information useful to subscribers.
Any electronic correspondence sent
to you by us will
always offer you the option to be
removed from the e-mail/electronic
mailing list.
You may me removed from any
mailing lists through the
unsubscribe link found in
any email received or by
emailing with the
email address you wish to have
You may contact us through email or directly at our physical office address posted on the website. 
An Email address is required when
making a purchase online in
order to complete the transaction.
Email addresses provided through
this are used to send you a
confirmation of your transaction,
pre-release reminders, post release
thank you emails and special offers/
E-News emails. You may
unsubscribe from these
communications at any time through
the unsubscribe link found in these emails. Same rules apply to phone text alerts.

We  will use your credit
card number only to process your
payment and will not use it for
marketing purposes. For this reason credit card information is
encrypted, using Secure Socket
Layer technology for your
Our site includes links to other web
sites whose privacy policies we
don’t control. Once you leave our
servers (you can check where you
are by checking the URL in the
location bar on your browser), use
of any information you provide is
governed by the privacy policy of
the operator of the site you are
visiting. That policy may differ from
ours. If you can’t find the privacy
policy of any of these sites via a
link from the site’s homepage, you
should contact the site directly for
more information. We are not responsible for
the privacy practices or the content
of other websites.
We use cookies to inform us how our
website is operating, remember the
browser’s preferences for
customized content, what has been
purchased via the browser, and
other settings. Without these
cookies installed, many of the
services offered by the website will
fail to function.
Our cookies fall into two categories:
Essential cookies are required
for the website to operate
properly. If these are
deactivated, a user will not be
able to use essential website
Performance cookies are used
to monitor website
performance. They allow us to
correct errors and optimize
our website for the best
possible user experience.
Some of the cookies used on our
site come from service providers
and advertisers.
It is important to note that no
personal identifying information is
gathered or transmitted with the
cookies used here.

How can I block cookies?
Disabling cookies is a function of
the browser you are using to view
our site. The Help feature in most
browsers provides the method for
disabling cookies, and provides
extensive information on managing
cookies in most browsers.
If you have any questions regarding
third party tracking on this website
please contact