Nigeria 1914 Story/Synopsis


…the story of Nigeria’s Birth in a movie for the first time.

‘Nigeria 1914’, the amazing and breathtaking story of how Nigeria was extraordinarily formed into a country, is an officially government endorsed epic movie presently in pre-production for release in the year 2022 . It is indeed a movie recommended for every Nigerian at home and abroad and all well-meaning good friends of Nigeria all around the world to see, by pre-ordering a download/streaming link from this website.

The aim is to produce a highly educational movie and an iconic asset of a national reference point that will not only  certainly educate us but also entertain and inspire us, our children, present and future generations on the  essence of patriotism, history and nationhood.

Our children and us for the very first time in a movie will see and witness the extraordinary moment in times pastwhen the very word NIGERIA was inspired and ever first spoken by Lady Flora Shaw.

Set in the lush and diverse Nigerian landscapes as backdrop to this large movie, ‘Nigeria 1914’ takes us to the  mood in 1914, exposing the majesty of unknown aspects of the Nigerian story and way of life that will resonate  and touch hearts and consciences all over the world unforgettably. The story runs from the formation of  the country to the golden era of her founding fathers.

“The world will never respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect. The black people of the world are looking
up to Nigeria to be a source of pride and confidence. Every Nigerian citizen should be made to
understand this truth.” – Nelson Mandela.

The ‘Nigeria 1914’ project is dedicated to the memory of all well-meaning good men and women who ever walked
the earth and to the victims of our wars, our conflicts and our diverse forms of discriminations all over the world – of which we are all victims.

After years of painstaking research to discover and unearth little known rare historical facts, both in Nigeria and
Great Britain, the producers of ‘Nigeria 1914’ have assembled Nigeria’s finest and most legendary actors and
actresses and their colleagues from Great Britain to lend and display their talents in this spectacular epic movie,
reliving the events of 1914 that gave birth to a richly diverse and great country.

Drawing inspiration from the great iconic speeches of Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi,
Rev. Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, the main character, played by the amazing Yemi Blaq, delivers a stunning speech in front of the colonial office to bravely challenge the establishment and question their style with
the hope that this moment and other moments in the movie will inspire us as a people and country to provide leadership and hope, not just for Africa but for the entire black race and resonate even with the rest of humanity, such that we are able to learn a lesson or two for the good and betterment of our world.

Experience one of such magical moments when the incredible actress Bimbo Akintola’s character under the
moonlight, tells tales and sings to her child the song ‘I believe’ (Aheynah) one of the already recorded theme
songs of ‘Nigeria 1914’ as performed by the unmistakable voice of Dayo Benjamins – Laniyi. But of course, there
is a more profound meaning and relevance of this scene in the larger objective of the movie.

The ‘I believe’ (Aheynah) song is available for just listening pleasure or download as a free song gift to all visitors
and subscribers to this website.

To support the ‘Nigeria 1914’ project is an assembled array of award winning and trending musicians, stars and
old school legends presently in the studio recording music to lend their talents and abilities.

Interestingly, a number of actors starring in the ‘Nigeria 1914’ movie also double as very gifted musicians who
will be contributing their creative musical talents, stars such as DJ Jimmy Jatt, Yemi Blaq, Style Plus, Paul Play
amongst a host of other stars.

‘Nigeria 1914’ is inspired by the American classic movie, ‘Roots’, produced to educate and touch the moral
conscience of Americans and the movie ‘Australia’, produced based on the Australian history to promote an
even greater future for Australia.

The project is a partnership with the Nigerian Film Corporation, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


‘Nigeria 1914’ is a story of a people (Nigerians), their birth or amalgamation, intertwined with their challenges,
uncertainties, courage and hope – Set in 1914 during the formation of Nigeria against a backdrop of true events
that shaped a diverse country during the British colonisation, how colonisation was operated by the British, the
good and bad sides of it, the resistance and uprisings from indigenous people and how it was orchestrated, slavery
at the time, insight into the royal Niger company operations as the basis of the modern state of Nigeria, Lord
activities, the role of local authorities and traditional chiefs. The desperation of European treasure hunters, the
trend at the time,  for the imaginary symbolic precious jewel that represents the undying spirit of the Nigerian with its mystery and root revealed in a recount of a story told by the old wise man whilst giving an account of their often forgotten great histories, their very rich cultures and their superstitions. It tells of how loosely defined territories turned to a great land along the river Niger to be later referred to as NIGERIA by Lady Flora Shaw, who became
Lord Lugard’s

wife.  The movie takes us back to the mood in 1914 exploring the cultures of the people, their way of thinking and
their relationship with England, it tells a Nigerian story of their evolution, resistance, suspicions, hope, courage
and friendship – it tells who they really are.

A story and lesson for all of humanity.

The story traces the remarkable origin of Nigeria as a country, people and independent chiefdoms, kingdoms and
territories pre-amalgamation, their challenges, triumphs and even their mysteries.

Idara in his old age takes his son, Thomas, for walk on an ordinary day but a simple question and curiosity from
Thomas on this ordinary day unfolds to reveal breathtaking consequences behind the ornament around his father’s

A relationship between Idara and a white Margaret appears to blossom in the middle of clashing kingdoms and
interests but then, an incident in a hospital in far away England will have frightening consequences for the natives
of an African community in 1914.

A little child is told tales under the African moonlight, tales of possible truths of incidents that took place thousands or even millions of years ago, about kingdoms and tribes but yet impacting lives today.

An insight into the life of Lord Lugard, his activities and his family and how he was influenced by incidents around
him at that time.

The story tells of kings, queens, princes and princesses, of royalty and slavery and how both interacted. How an
encounter between royalty and a slave in times past will have shattering consequences that will call community
and two nations to ultimately face the reality in 1914.

A mere necklace brings treasure hunters from beyond the oceans in faraway Europe, after much travails, to join the
looting that was the order of the day at the time.

The antics and determination of a king in far away Nigeria to survive, even in death, makes a bold statement
creating a tense mood in the streets of Europe and the British parliament and ripples created catches the attention
of the
world enough to influence debates in the British parliament that will impact the future of a great country.

A brief insight into the Royal Palace in the United Kingdom in 1914.

The story explores the roles of the Sultan of Sokoto and the Sultanate and interactions with other chiefs and Emirs.

The experience of a great soldier is told, the resistance from the Sokoto caliphate which historically forms the last
stronghold for the British.

The hot and tense exchanges between the colonialist and leaders in the north.

A little Hausa boy, Musa pursues his dream even in the middle of clashing interests and chiefdoms.

A love story is threatened once again by beliefs and superstition and the establishment amazingly appears
even more threatened by mere love.

Idara took his son, Thomas, for a walk on an ordinary day but unfortunately, that will be the last time both
will ever walk together. In fact, it is their first walk together in their earthly sojourn.

At last, with enthusiasm and excitement in the air, the community and nation envision a great future that will
interestingly create even more obstacles to overcome in time.